Welcome Guardians & Parents!

Thank you for considering enrolling your student in a Seeds of Change research immersion program in Costa Rica. Our goal is nothing short of providing a transformational experience in your child’s life that they treasure because it challenged them intellectually, nurtured their nascent interests in science and revealed a path forward rich with discovery and promise.

We are proud to say that our research immersion programs are unique in that they offer students the opportunity to develop their own original research experience that we mentor, but empower them to envision, design and implement in collaborative groups independently. Our Seeds of Change Lead Scientists and instructors are well equipped to provide the background information students need to trigger their curious natures and engage them in meaningful research endeavors.


We are deliberate and experienced in creating a learning environment that is safe for students to learn how to use and enhance their critical thinking skills. Our pedagogical refrain is: “Give students time to delve deeply, run into dead ends (fail), uncover ways to recover (grit and resilience) and use the power of multiple minds (collaborate) to put together a coherent and logical presentation of their work (communicate).”

- FAQs - Tropical Field Research

How will science research immersion in Costa Rica improve my child’s university prospects?

From first-hand experience, we can say that graduates of our programs that have experience conducting original research claim a distinctive competitive edge over their competition. Not only will they have practiced cross-cultural communication skills and demonstrated independence, cultural awareness, maturity and flexibility, but they will have proven they have the grit and resilience to handle the complexities of true research. This gives them a leg up when applying for university, scholarships, and coveted university internships and lab jobs.

What is included in the program cost?

Airline ticket, program tuition, accommodations, in-country ground transportation, three meals per day, excursion fees, and other program-related expenses.

What is not included in the cost?

Passport application fee (~$145), insect repellant, sunscreen, spending money (think airport and gifts). For personal expenses, such as souvenirs, snacks, we recommend that students bring around $100.00 USD in cash (in $10 or $20 bills). In addition, we strongly recommend that students also travel with a credit card (Visa or Master Card) to cover any unexpected expenses such as a medical emergency. Do not bring traveler’s checks and remember to call your bank and credit card company to inform them of travel plans.

Are scholarships available? Are their fundraising opportunities?

While Seeds of Change does not offer scholarships, we do have an effective fundraising program that students are readily able to raise $500-700 towards their tuition or much, much more if they spend focused time getting orders from family and friends that work in medium to large office situations. For each program a parent volunteer coordinates the coffee fundraiser for students. Seeds of Change provides the inventory at a cost for $6/bag of superior quality coffee grown at elevation in Costa Rica. Students sell each bag for $12. For every bag sold, we deduct $6 from the program cost. Students are provided a brochure that explains the fundraiser, so students can effectively market to neighbors and friends.

We also encourage students to submit grant applications to civic organizations in their area. These might include your family’s religious organization, Lions, Rotary or Kiwanis clubs or foundations that provide funds for STEM or extracurricular activities. GoFundME and Facebook Fundraising are examples of ways to rally financial support from family and friends.

Is there an application fee or program deposit required?

The application fee is $100. This covers the group flight reservation fee ($100) that must be purchased by Dec. 1st to ensure cost-effective flights. These deposits are non-refundable.

In the event of late application, the cost for the program may increase as a direct result of airline ticket price increases. Seeds of Change will communicate the additional charge, if any, for the airline ticket price difference.

How can students communicate with their family while in Costa Rica?

Part of the immersion experience is to unplug from minute by minute cell phone connectedness; therefore, students communicate with parents through a daily blog that two different students author each day. We do this to encourage student group bonding during down-time with old-fashioned games (cards, spot-it, set, boggle - are good, easy to bring group game options) and to avoid interruptions that disrupt the program. It is best to share potentially upsetting news with a teacher/chaperone, so they can deliver the news at an appropriate and private moment and/or arrange for a private call home. We provide digital video/photo cameras for use by groups during times that teachers collect phones to encourage the immersion experience.

SOC on-site coordinators and teacher chaperones always have access to WIFI locations for internet calling services and email use when cell service is poor. In addition, our hosts have 24/7 phone service for emergency situations.

Will my student need any specific immunizations? How do we handle individual medical issues?

All student international travelers are strongly encouraged to discuss this program and destination with their doctor to obtain professional guidance that is specific to your child including updating any routine immunizations which may have lapsed. Although immunization for Hepatitis A is not required by Seeds of Change for admission, it is recommended for all international travelers regardless of your destination. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Traveler website www.cdc.gov which lists recommended and required vaccines for US travelers, as well as other health risk information.

You will fill in and sign a medical form and waiver that requires disclosure of any medical conditions your child is being treated for or require special emergency procedures, e.g. allergies, diabetes, mental health, or seizure issue.

How do I get reimbursed for medical treatments received while on my program?

SOC will advise teacher chaperones to ensure all medically-related receipts are retained. Many choose to take photos of the receipts and insurance reimbursement forms to guard against loss of paperwork.

Seeds of Change carries emergency evacuation and general liability insurance. Our policies are secondary to student medical insurance policies.

What is SOC’s behavior policy?

All participants and guardians/parents sign the Seeds of Change Code of Conduct Agreement to ensure that all participants can have a safe and memorable trip. Specific travel-related expectations of students are outlined in that document, but the overarching expectation is that participants will behave in a manner that is most conducive to the greatest possible development, growth, and well-being of the individual, other participants in the group, host and off-site staff, and the surrounding community. Actions detrimental to the mission of the program and to the activities of the program may result in early dismissal. In that event the participant is returned to the U.S.A., there is a Seeds of Change travel change fee of $50 plus the airline charge for changing the return flight.

In addition, school policies are typically in effect during Seeds of Change school programs. Seeds of Change defers to teacher and school administrator decisions on early dismissal when their school policy is more stringent than Seeds of Change policy.

How do you handle COVID-19 related issues?

SOC did not run any programs in 2020 due to the pandemic, but did run the Tropical Field Research program in the summer of 2021 after vaccinations became widely available to all high school aged students and adults. All participants must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to be eligible for 2022 programming. SOC gained valuable experience monitoring students, staff, and host employees daily and administering COVID-19 rapid antigen screening tests in real-time to ensure all tested negative for COVID-19 before coming into contact with our students. SOC runs its programs in dedicated host locations that ensure we can create our own COVID-19 free "pod" while traveling. SOC provided all participants with N-95 masks for use during airline and van/bus transportation to and from our host site in Costa Rica. The primary host site eating, and classroom areas have at least one open wall and cross ventilation to the outside. The sleeping quarters are screened (windows in sleeping quarters do not have glass, a feature designed to ensure all are listening to the natural rainforest sounds!). In the event a participant were to contract COVID-19, SOC and our host site arrange for isolation quarters, medical assistance, and open communication and shared decision making with family back home.

- FAQs - Bioinformatics Research

Confesiones de Dip ZUBÍA: Basta de solidaridad y amor

LAS CONFESIONES DEL DIPUTADO GUSTAVO ZUBÍA El diputado Zubía, durante una entrevista en el programa Todas las voces, logró en una frase desnudar la esencia del modelo que busca instalar la LUC:
"Son modelos económicos sociales que podemos discutir hasta el día del Juicio Final. Obviamente, hay una política de mercado donde se prioriza la producción y hay una política de solidaridad, las dos respetables, pero lo que pasa es que son modelos. Modelos que ¿sabe dónde se cambiaron? En la LUC. Hoy yo me vine preparado para hablar de la LUC, porque esto cambió la filosofía de este país. Porque hubo gente que dijo basta con esta filosofía de solidaridad, amor y condescendencia, en un contexto en el que el país empezó a decrecer y por eso hubo un cambio de gobierno."
A confesión de parte, relevo de prueba.
Sostiene el diputado que la LUC pretende instalar un modelo que se contrapone con la "solidaridad y el amor", la cita es textual.
Por una lado se explicita que el modelo que se pretende modificar es un cambio estructural, una refundación de la filosofía del Estado, que se realiza en el medio de una pandemia, en 90 días y que pretende sostenerse en el silencio de sus defensores.
Cuesta entender, ante una afirmación de este tipo, ante las implicancias profundas que tiene un modelo de refundación del Uruguay batllista, que la misma se implemente sin debate, sin argumentos, sin información a la ciudadanía.
Lejos de la desestabilización, lejos de la irresponsabilidad, la campaña de recolección de firmas es una gesta democrática que pretende que los modelos refundacionales que se plantean para Uruguay no arrasen con nuestro pequeño país modelo.
Nosotros nos vamos a colocar siempre de parte de la solidaridad y del amor, hasta las últimas consecuencias. Fernando Pereira.

EL Diputado Colorado que mandaba a trabajar en un omnibus enfermos de COVID, una joyita , Aca el audio que lo demuestra

Carámbula en subarayado dando la posición del FA ante la crisis sanitaria y social

Carámbula llamó a reducir la movilidad y a lograr un "acuerdo nacional" El exintendente manifestó que "no se puede apelar solo a la libertad responsable" y agregó que el gobierno debe apoyar social y económicamente al pueblo. El exintendente de Canelones, el doctor Marcos Carámbula, ,manifestó tristeza y solidaridad con las familias de los fallecidos por Coronavirus Covid-19 en Uruguay. "Es una crisis sanitaria mundial, pero es durísima en nuestro país", agregó. Entrevistado por Blanca Rodríguez en Subrayado, aseguró que "el presidente perdió la gran oportunidad de establecer un acuerdo nacional para abordar esta situación de crisis que el país tiene". "El 7 de febrero el Grupo Asesor Científico Honorario (GACH) planteó una serie de medidas que si se hubieran tomado nos habría evitado un montón de situaciones que ahora tenemos", remarcó. Además agregó que "no blindamos abril, no blindamos mayo y vamos por el mismo camino" en junio. Para Carámbula, el gobierno "no tomó las medidas esenciales como la reducción de movilidad"; una medida que es "fundamental" para reducir los contagios y así disminuir la cantidad de fallecidos. "Cuando se hace referencia al concepto de reducir drásticamente la movilidad, se habla de lo que hizo el pueblo en marzo y abril de 2020, reducir al extremo la movilidad por 20 días", explicó el ex director de ASSE. "Solo apelando a la libertad responsable no se sale de la pandemia", dijo Carámbula y reiteró que se debe apostar a la reducción de la movilidad por un período corto con apoyo económico y social. Consultado sobre si aceptaría ser el presidente del Frente Amplio, Carámbula aseguró que "la situación que estamos viviendo nos apela a todos, a la sensibilidad y a la cercanía, y desde la tristeza a no caer en la resignación y apostar, si es posible, a un cambio en una política que nos está llevando con este número diario de compatriotas que fallecen, que nos duele muchísimo". "Hoy esa es nuestra prioridad", agregó. Anuncios "Aún estamos a tiempo de un diálogo de acuerdo nacional, eso esperamos" concluyó.

Un compromiso con la vida y la lucha del pueblo uruguayo

Declaración del Plenario Nacional Este sábado, de manera virtual, sesionó el Plenario Nacional del Frente Amplio. Un compromiso con la vida y la lucha del pueblo uruguayo El pasado 4 de junio, nuestra Mesa Política, en el “llamamiento por amor a la vida”, declaró su profunda decepción ante el resultado del intento de diálogo que planteáramos al Gobierno, a propósito de la pandemia. Este diálogo había sido solicitado una y otra vez, desde marzo del año pasado. Sin embargo, a pesar de la postura dialoguista de nuestra fuerza política, los intentos fueron, una vez más, en vano. La resolución del Gobierno fue contundente: no está dispuesto a tomar nuevas medidas de reducción de la movilidad social (haciendo caso omiso a las recomendaciones del GACH), ni compensaciones económicas a las familias y a las pequeñas empresas y con mayores dificultades. Ratifica así, una vez más, una política de favorecimiento a los sectores más privilegiados de la sociedad. Los reiterados pedidos, respaldados no sólo por las conclusiones de la comunidad científica, sino también por la experiencia de gran parte de los países que debieron afrontar la pandemia, no fueron tenidos en cuenta. El alto número diario de contagios y muertes evitables resulta dramático, así como la inercia constante del Gobierno que, tozudamente y contra toda evidencia, se mantiene en su decisión de no cambiar absolutamente nada. Nuestra fuerza política se resiste a naturalizar la enfermedad y la muerte, como si ésta fuera un problema individual y no una cuestión de salud pública. El fracaso evidente de la estrategia de “libertad responsable”, que al final no apuntaba a otra cosa que a no hacerse cargo del problema nos deja en el peor lugar del mundo en la política de combate a la pandemia. Es imperioso intentar una estrategia diferente, pero quienes deben tomar las decisiones no están dispuestas a hacerlo. Por este motivo, respaldamos totalmente la interpelación al ministro de Salud Pública y a la ministra de Economía y Finanzas propuesta por nuestra Bancada parlamentaria. Alcanza a ambas carteras, porque entendemos que las soluciones deben comprender tanto los aspectos sanitarios como los socioeconómicos. El Frente Amplio estará siempre luchando por la defensa de los derechos humanos y las necesidades de la gente, en esta lucha por la vida. En este contexto, además, nos encontramos en la etapa final para la recolección de firmas para llevar a referéndum 135 artículos de la LUC. Este tiempo nos llama a redoblar los esfuerzos en la convocatoria a la ciudadanía a firmar. Porque las firmas están, las voluntades están y debemos hacerlas efectivas. Por todo eso nos convocamos a darle a esta campaña el impulso final que requiere. Reiteramos, el Frente Amplio estará siempre luchando por la defensa de los derechos humanos y las necesidades de la gente. Hoy esta lucha cobra otra dimensión, porque ante la realidad que vivimos, es además una lucha por el derecho a la vida. Hoy, la vida es lo fundamental. PLENARIO NACIONAL DEL FRENTE AMPLIO Montevideo, 12 de junio de 2021